For government customers, we will assist you in navigating through the unique dynamics of the biometric and identity market. You will have a partner that can provide a deep understanding of the identity ecosystem, define a solution stack, assist in the procurement process, and help select vendors.  We will provide insight for your team from conception to produciton for your project.  Some government customers and projects include:

  • World Food Programme
  • International Smart Card (Public Private Partnership for biometric enabled entitlement cards)
  • Latin American Border Crossing

Commercial Customers

Government Customers

For technology companies, our seasoned of biometric and identity experts will help your team create an eco-system of partners, strategic product plan, and marketing differentiation to create awareness and drive growth.  Example of technologies and companies supported include:

  • Integrated Identity Management Suite by a Federal System Integrator: Strategic Product and Market Development
  • Civil Identity Suite for the Indian Market
  • Iris Recognition
  • Iris-on-the-Move
  • Multi-biometric identity platform and solution suite.

Biometric and Identity Consulting

Biometrics technologies have made significant inroads in the market over the past 15 years.  What used to be reserved for law enforcement and security applications, biometrics are now increasingly making many arduous Civil Identity processes more convenient while enhancing security and privacy.  In addition, the merging of biometric technologies on biometric devices have opened up vast new opportunities in the financial services and commercial spaces.  Baaj Group has been intimately involved in the growth of the biometric market and will assist you in identifying the right biometric technologies and workflows required for your identity application.

Our team has been involved with successful biometric identity projects throughout the world.  The list of projects include biometrics for border management systems, public entitlement programs, financial services, amongst others.