An extremely large percentage of the population in developing nations have no legal identity.  The lack of identity limits a person’s ability to seek government services which in turn inhibits upward mobility.  Once identity is established, the government can enable Financial Inclusion programs that drive benefits directly to the citizen.  However, implementing a robust identity platform poses significant challenges for governments in terms of cost, technology, and staffing.  Public Private Partnerships (PPP) offer an innovative approach in implementing Identity programs. The benefits of a PPP model for deployment are:

  • Governments can implement a robust identity system with reduced upfront capital investments.
  • The ongoing transaction revenue ensures that resources can be maintained for ongoing expenses and maintenance.
  • The private sector is motivated to innovate and bring newer, more efficient methods to distribute services to the citizens
  • The Government maintains control of the data to ensure privacy and security of information.

Baaj Group has experience with Public Private Partnerships and can help in challenges and define best practices in working with PPPs.

Financial Inclusion and PPP Projects

A Case Study

Baaj Group provided business management services to International Smart Card (ISC).  ISC is a Public Private Partnership that has implemented a biometric enabled smart card to distribute government entitlement in the country of Iraq.  Baaj Group assisted the management team in selecting biometric solutions, assessing workflows, and specifying upgrades.  The program is currently running and successfully serving the needs of Iraqi citizens.

A solid identity platform forms the core of any identity program.  An identity platform should serve as a foundational Civil Registration system while linking to Functional Identity Programs.  This will enable governments to better understand and serve citizens who without an identity would otherwise remain disenfranchised.   Baaj Group understands the functionality required for implementing a financial inclusion program.

The Role of a Robust Identity Platform