Biometric and Identity Systems

Start-up Technology Environments

Biometrics are increasingly making many arduous security processes more convenient while enhancing security and privacy.  Baaj Group has been intimately involved in the growth of the biometric market and will assist you in identifying the right biometric technologies and workflows required for your identity application.

Our Clients

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Financial Inclusion and PPP Projects

National governments are increasingly turning to Public Private Partnerships to implement Financial Inclusion Programs to drive services to their citizens. Baaj Group understands the identity requirements for implementing a financial inclusion program. In addition, Baaj Group has experience with Public Private Partnerships and can help in challenges and define best practices in working with PPPs.

Introducing a new technology to the market requires developing an eco-system of partners who can for a complete solution as well as partners who can deliver the solution to your customers. We  have experience in working with start-up companies to identify internal strengths and develop appropriate plans to efficiently build and eco-system.